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Self Cynic

  • The members of Self Cynic believe
    "... it is best not to think about it."

  • All band members currently live in Montreal, Canada
    -- but their influences do not.

  • Some names have been changed to protect the innocent... some have not.

  • At least one of their songs is not about a girl.

  • Due to personal reasons (that will not be explored here) the band only practices on Wednesdays. Sometimes they pretend that Saturday is Wednesday, but only sometimes.

  • No member of Self Cynic has ever bowled a perfect game.

  • At least one of their songs is about multiple girls.
    (...and yes).

  • Self Cynic is willing to debate whether Montreal actually has (or ever had) an "Indie Music Scene". They are, most definitely, not a part of it.

  • The members of Self Cynic insist on loading their own gear (... for now).

  • They choose very inopportune moments to recite old movie dialogue.

  • Self Cynic has forgotten more mediocre songs than most other bands would ever admit.

  • Self Cynic debut release(available here) includes generous contributions by...

        Maia Davies
        Josh Trager (Sam Roberts Band)
        Matt Leblanc (The Dress Whites)
        Alec McElcheran (Anik Jean)
        Arun Pal (Snack!)
        Jared Lozon (Social Slander)
        and NYC-based drummer Rob Murphrey.

Ask founding member Matt Antaya about his alt-rock band Self Cynic and his answer may surprise you. Songwriter and lead singer, Antaya, conceived his project as perhaps the opposite of a band. Self Cynic is an evolving experiment whose rotating lineup aims to demonstrate that a collection of songs will communicate their character despite varying musicians and arrangements.
Though most bands will insist it is "about the music", Antaya wants to prove it is not about the personalities, costumes, gimmicks or showmanship. "I was raised listening to artists who believed that a great song was a great song, regardless" Antaya explains, "The music industry has changed, but I feel that should be as true today as it was then". replica hublot watches
Taking shape in early 2007, Self Cynic began performing in local Montreal hot spots during a high time for the city's indie music scene. Though the idea of "a band that is not a band" would require explanation, audiences' early praise encouraged the project's rapid growth. Self Cynic would begin attracting listeners eager to discover how their favorite songs would vary from night to night. The idea has to-date enjoyed contributions by over 20 musicians from both Canada and the U.S.A. This constant rotation of cast members allows for fresh, dynamic and unique performances - equally interesting at high-volume or acoustic/unplug'd.
This success prompted their debut album released in June 2008 on Sudden Envy Records. This full-length self-titled album enjoyed contributions from over a dozen musicians including Josh Trager (Sam Roberts Band), Matt Leblanc (The Dress Whites), Maia Davies (Ladies of the Canyon), Alec McElcheran (Anik Jean), Nelson Carter (The Paddingtons), Arun Pal (Snack!), Jared Lozon (Social Slander) and NYC-based studio drummer Rob Murphrey. With diversity in approach, yet consistency in style, the album mixes upbeat, hook-laden anthems with powerful introspective ballads. Following a successful album launch, Self Cynic spent the summer 2008 on the road touring Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada - including invitations to headline Frosh Events at both McGill University and the University of Waterloo.
As evidenced by recent media attention, Self Cynic is quickly becoming a recognized name. The band has been featured on Montreal's CHOM 97.7's "Made in Canada", MIKE FM 105.1's "Emerging Artists", CHOQ-FM and CKUE 95.1/100.7 FM. The project has also garnered positive attention from The Plant, Curiouser and Curiouser, The St Catharines Standard, and The Westmount Examiner to name a few.
Self Cynic will be touring Ontario and Eastern Canada throughout the Fall 2008. Joining Antaya on-stage will be Self Cynic regulars Mike Harbec (bass) and Lewis Handford (drums), as well as a list of special guest performers. Please refer to the dates for details.